Handmade Bar Soap, Spearmint 4 oz from Brookside Herbal Soap

Handmade Bar Soap, Spearmint 4 oz from Brookside Herbal Soap (Bath and Beauty - Soaps)
Spearmint Handmade Bar Soap Handmade Herbal Soap Good for all skin types Spearmint soap is handmade with saponified oils of organic coconut, palm, and olive, organic shea butter, organic aroma-therapeutic essential oil of spearmint, and natural vitamin E. Nothing synthetic or artificial. A refreshing, long-lasting cleansing bar. Super-moistuizing shea butter smooths and softens your skin. Pure essential oil of spearmint invigorates and uplifts your spirits. Good for all skin types. Brookside Handmade Herbal Soaps The art and craft of soap making is a tradition that lives on at Brookside Soap Co. Every bar begins with a treasured, secret recipe. Our unique blend of organic emollient oils, organic aroma-therapeutic essential oils, herbs, and spices produce a smooth, creamy bar that gently cleans and softens your skin without drying. No other soap compares to Brookside’s luxurious, micro-bubble cleansing lather, its superior rinsability, and delicious aromas. Brookside herbal soaps are handmade in small batches to ensure quality. Care and attention is given to each step of the process. The herbs and essential oils are added at just the right time (without heat) to preserve their beneficial qualities. The skillfully blended ingredients are then poured into a large mold. Each bar is hand-cut and air-dried before being packed individually in attractive boxes. Brookside herbal soaps are made without detergents, synthetic perfumes, artificial ingredients, or animal fats. Never animal tested. Bio-degradable and hypo-allergenic. Using Brookside Soap is your personal commitment to healthy skin and a healthy environment. Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut, palm and olive, shea butter, vitamin E, and pure essential oil of spearmint.
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